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標題: Drunk man at the hospital snapped drinking glucose infusion hose _ News [打印本頁]

作者: ywbce3n7k8    時間: 2013-5-30 19:33     標題: Drunk man at the hospital snapped drinking glucose infusion hose _ News

'Gudonggudong' to the skin tube inside drank liquid glucose, the "Zhang Yi Qin said, has been tossing a few hours, the wine was half awake, finally quiet down. hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage caused by drinking 10 days still lie unconscious Zhang Yi Qin said that in recent weeks, emergency room patients every day, drunk,ray ban, rough statistics, a total of more than 40. "Let these drunk most headaches, yell, cry and kick, hands and feet , what kind of both. "However, quarrels inverted or small,ray ban pas cher, troublesome because drunkenness lead to serious illness. Zhang Yi Qin said there was a Mr. Cao,mulberry outlet, aged 65, is the afternoon of January 14 was sent to the accident because of drinking Yinzhou two homes come. To the hospital When Cao became unconscious, incontinence, began to enlarge the pupil. doctor gave Cao made a head CT,mulberry, found Mr. Cao brainstem hemorrhage, life in jeopardy. Originally,hollister, Cao hypertension, the day because dinner with friends, a happy drunk, did not think actually lead to cerebral hemorrhage. "Now he is still lying in the intensive care unit,louboutin, the doctor said that the situation is not optimistic,toms outlet, can you wake up is still unknown. "Winter stroke-prone hypertensive patients drink to be careful Zhang Yi Qin said,mulberry, approaching Spring Festival,hollister, some of the people who missed dinner drinking scenes, but to civilized drinking, drunk harmful to health. Winter originally hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage high season, the number of high alcohol consumption,abercrombie france, There are some patients with hypertension often because of excessive drinking after heart rate, vasoconstriction, blood pressure, causing cerebral hemorrhage. Moreover,toms shoes, alcoholism has on the liver,louboutin pas cher, stomach, nervous system have hurt. Zhang Yi Qin said that although moderate drinking cliché, but should not mind, according to their degree of physical grasp, otherwise easily drunk, leading to alcoholism, resulting in serious consequences.
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